Hi there, I'm Kate.

Bold and not-so-secretly sweet writer, feminist killjoy, and medical mystery extraordinaire currently living in Los Angeles. I'm a non-binary queer woman (she/they) who is actively seeking a refund on the bargain-bin body I got from the universe. In the absence of that refund, I do my best to survive - just like we all do. I have a connective tissue disorder (hi, Ehlers Danlos crew!) and I’m an open heart surgery survivor. I live with dysautonomia, MCAS, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Probably a whole bunch of other nonsense they haven’t figured out yet, too.

Despite it all, I firmly believe that things can be better than *gestures broadly at our world* this, and I know I’m not alone. Storytelling is our way up and out: let’s search for truth, process mistakes, ask hard questions, share dreams, and never go quietly into the night.

Professionally, I work as a ghostwriter and content writer raising funds and awareness for progressive nonprofits and other organizations. My personal writing has appeared in HuffPo, Knock LA, Women’s Media Center FBomb, The Ability Toolbox, and more. A lot of my writing work and organizing work have focused on issues that I’ve been personally touched by, including sexual violence, trauma, chronic illness/disability, LGBTQ+ rights, institutional corruption, and more.

Storytelling and honest, authentic organizing are how I've chosen to survive and attempt to do some good on this dystopian hellscape of a planet. Storytelling wields the power to humanize us and to connect with people who otherwise would never listen. Honesty is what gives those stories their power, and perhaps more importantly, it builds a sustainable foundation for collaboration based on common understanding, vulnerability, and trust. When we're honest, we get shit done.

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