Client Work Portfolio

In addition to my work as an activist and organizer, I also do content writing for a variety of clients and projects professionally. I specialize in persuasive, impactful long-form content like blogs and op-eds, as well as fundraising emails, social media copy, and SEO-informed website copy. I'm an experienced external affairs professional and my writing is crafted in from a goal-driven perspective in line with my client's broader organizational objectives. 

Here are a few of my recent work examples - ghostwritten for clients across a diverse mix of industries. Like what you see? Get in touch here

Daughters of ‘Hotel Rwanda’ Hero: Will U.S. Wait to Bring Home Our Dad in a Body Bag?

The permanence of loss and grief changes us, but it also challenges us and demands that we exit our comfort zone to be brave and to do what is right. We know that the Biden family knows loss, too. President Biden’s devotion to speaking out about brain cancer, breaking the silence of mourning, and advocating for a cure is a personal calling triggered by a personal loss that we respect entirely.

The Harsh Reality of PTSD in Foster Children - Foster Focus Magazine

Any system that is mandated to protect and nurture youth that results in 25% of its wards developing a serious, life-altering disorder is a system that has unequivocally failed. That is not a social services support net - that is a game of Russian Roulette being played with the lives of the most vulnerable children in our society. There are 400,000 kids in foster care in the United States today. There are no words to describe the immense amount of pain that it takes to lead to 100,000 children - who are supposed to be in the care of our state and society - developing a debilitating condition we’ve historically associated with the horrors of wartime.

Why a Lawyer Wrote a Movie

The kind of sweeping misconduct and mismanagement in the foster care system – a broken system being actively reaped for monetary gain by for profit companies with little regard for safety – seems so outrageous that it seems better suited for fiction. The more involved I got, the more monumental pain and systemic corruption I saw up close, ranging from widespread negligence, denial of treatment, and the outright active enabling of violence and misconduct against kids.